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eBook: Agile working and the new role of Enterprise Architecture

Agile Architecture, what is it and how does it improve your business?
In this age of digital transformation organizations need to be able to change faster and in shorter cycles. That way they can keep up with the speed of innovation and use the latest technologies. Enterprise Architecture traditionally plans far ahead. In a rapidly changing digital world this seems no longer possible. Working in shorter cycles, but still being able to keep transforming in a structured way and have everything and everyone contribute to the business objectives calls for an innovative solution. The need to evolve amongst architects grows.

The answer? Agile Architecture. Innovating in a structured way, but in short cycles, to be able to keep up with changes in the outside world. The role of an architect changes. He or she needs to involve more people within the organization in a decentralized way, in order to innovate. A lot more input has to be gathered to keep your current architecture up to date. Instead of operating from one central team, the entire organization has to become responsible for innovation and everybody needs to get involved.
This eBook explains what needs to change, how it needs to change and who. It guides you into the world of Agile Architecture and tells you why this is necessary, what benefits it brings, how it influences your organization, and whom it involves.

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