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Are you ready to become an Enterprise Architecture Superhero? 

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As an Enterprise Architect, where do you start with business transformation planning? How do you identify solid ideas, and then prioritize them? And how do you assess what impact those projects will have on the overall organization?

We'll be covering the answers to all of these questions — and many, many more — during the EA Superheroes Series. 

  • Learn how to inspire, plan, and guide business transformation in your company

  • Create more impact with Enterprise Architecture

  • Hone your skills as a trusted strategic advisor 

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Develop your superhero skills

guide decision-making for your management team(s)

become a pivotal transformation agent in your company

demonstrate the added-value you bring more clearly

reduce your overwhelm + build your skillset
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What can you expect from the EA Superheroes Series?

Over the next couple of months, we'll be delivering a series of 5 webinars - each complete with your own playbook to take away - covering the (overwhelming!) area of business transformation planning.

  • 5x 30-minute value-packed webinars — delivered by our Enterprise and Solution architecture experts
  • 1 topic every 2 - 3 weeks — listen in live at a time that suits you or catch up with the replays
  • A downloadable playbook for every webinar — so you can put your learnings into practice 


Be the best there is at what you do... 

Business architecture and strategy

Understand your company's strategic direction and create transformation plans

Capability-based planning and gap analysis

Map capabilities to your current- and future- states and identify weaknesses in the IT landscape

Policies and governance

Define policies and create governance workflows and processes

Create, assess, and prioritize your transformation roadmap

Create high-level project designs and prioritize the roadmap based on strategic goals

Solution design and impact analysis


Design detailed solution architecture and re-usable building blocks for future projects

PLUS: The essential skills Enterprise Architects need to master for success in 2023

Enhance your collaboration and become more data-driven

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Getting ready for execution

Assessing solution scenarios and making the hero's choice

Join us on Thursday July 13 at the timeslot that suits you for webinar #4 in Becoming an Enterprise Architecture Superhero Webinarseries! 

In Getting Ready for Execution, we'll cover:

  • Assessing scenarios to help you complete your roadmap effectively

  • Align business capabilities with organization objectives

  • Delivery of a new value proposition

  • And the essential skills you need to succeed in your Enterprise Architecture role. 

Webinar #1 Mastering Business Architecture and Strategy

Unveiling Company Strategic Direction and Crafting Transformation Plans for Success

Your first dive into Becoming an Enterprise Architecture Superhero! Learn how to translate your company’s strategy into a transformation plan. How do you identify the "drivers" for your organization's transformation? Where do they come from and which ones are important for your organization?


In Mastering Business Architecture and Strategy, we'll cover:

  • Organizations in transformation and understanding drivers for change

  • Strategic goals, priorities, and impact

  • Setting the stage for change with ideation

  • And the essential skills you need to succeed in your Enterprise Architecture role. 


Webinar #2 Closing the Gap: A Comprehensive Analysis of Your Enterprise Architecture

Identifying Weaknesses, Mitigating Risks, and Seizing Opportunities

Explore the process of analyzing gaps between your organization's current and future state, and learn how to effectively execute capabilities-based strategies. Are you ready to take your planning skills to the next level?

Building on the first webinar that focused on drivers and the ideation process, this session delves into Capability-Based Planning and Gap Analysis.

In Closing the Gap: A Comprehensive Analysis of Your Enterprise Architecture, we’ll cover:

  • Analyzing the Current State and Future State of Your Business

  • Conducting a Comprehensive Capability Assessment: Evaluating Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Developing Action Plans: Closing the Gaps and Enabling Transformation

  • And the essential skills you need to succeed in your Enterprise Architecture role.


Webinar #3 Guardians of Enterprise Architecture

Defining policies, principles and governance for effective enterprise architecture management

This webinar will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to become a Guardian of EA within your organization. Policies, principles, and governance play a critical role in driving effective enterprise architecture management. Discover how to define and implement policies and principles aligning with business objectives and ensure project consistency. 

In Guardians of Enterprise Architecture we'll cover:

  • Definition of principles, policies and Architecture governance

  • Creating governance workflows and processes

  • Role of policies and governance in enabling alignment with business objectives

  • And the essential skills you need to succeed in your Enterprise Architecture role.


Webinar #4 Getting Ready for Execution: Assessing Solution Scenarios and Making the Hero's Choice

High-level Execution

In this webinar, we focus on assessing scenarios to help you complete your roadmap effectively.  We understand that a well-crafted high-level roadmap sets the foundation for successful project execution. But what is important to include in the high-level roadmap? 

We will explore the importance of outlining the business capabilities that need attention to deliver your desired outcomes. By identifying and prioritizing these capabilities, you can ensure that your roadmap addresses the critical aspects necessary for success. We make a start with the high-level roadmap which by the end of the webinar results in a chosen high-level design. We will evaluate business capabilities, critical aspects of project design and evaluation, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding the execution of your projects.

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Download playbook #4 Here

Webinar #5 Designing Detailed Super-Solution: Elevating Execution to Superhero Status

The grand finale of this webinar series focuses on detailed solution designs. Discover the essential strategies and techniques for designing comprehensive solution architectures and building reusable components that will drive the success of future projects. Get ready to elevate your execution to superhero status as we unravel the secrets to supercharging your solution design. We will empower you to create robust and future-proof solutions within your enterprise architecture.

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