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ValueBlue Academy

Welcome to the ValueBlue Academy — your resource for BlueDolphin and enterprise architecture training!

If you're ready to dive deeper into BlueDolphin, discover architectural best practices, or start bringing new use cases and solutions to life in your organization, we’ve got you covered.

The ValueBlue Academy offers a range of courses from strategic masterclasses to product training.

ValueBlue Academy

BlueDolphin Fundamentals

During this BlueDolphin Fundamentals training you'll learn how to work effectively with BlueDolphin's basic funtionalities, and start creating visualizations.
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BlueDolphin BPMN Fundamentals

During the BlueDolphin BPMN Fundamentals training you'll learn how to start working with BPMN views in BlueDolphin.
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BlueDolphin Admin Training

In this training you will learn how to optimally configure and maintain your BlueDolphin environment as an administrator.
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Agile Business Transformation Masterclass

Prepare your architecture function for achieving Agile Business Transformation (ABT).
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Business Process Management Masterclass

Learn the tested 4-step approach to implementing Business Process Management and start improving the business with high-level enterprise goals in mind.
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ArchiMate® 3 Training

The best-rated accredited ArchiMate® Training in the Benelux. The international graphic language for Enterprise Architecture modeling. We certify you in 3 days!
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TOGAF® 9 Training

Structure your organization efficiently step-by-step with the TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Framework accredited TOGAF® training.
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