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Streamlined IT applications that enable organizational agility

Simplify complex application landscapes to reduce risk, rationalize spend and optimize capabilities for today and tomorrow.


Optimize your application landscape
Balance capability with flexibility

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Rationalize spend
Eliminate functional overlap

Reduce Risk 1

Reduce risk
Eliminate threats to core business capabilities

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Improve data accuracy
Get an accurate and centralized overview of applications

Complex application landscapes build up over time. Transformation initiatives, M&A, and organizational restructures all contribute to a sprawling landscape. 

Application Portfolio Management with ValueBlue helps you regain control by providing insights into your complete application landscape, in one central repository.

Application Portfolio Management with ValueBlue

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“We don't know where to begin.”

BlueDolphin offers a step-by-step templates and ‘just-enough’ architecture.
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 “We lack insight, so can't plan effectively.”

BlueDolphin maps goals with apps, so you can tell which bring value — and which don't.
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“Our data is incomplete and scattered.” 

BlueDolphin's central repository keeps data up-to-date for real-time analyses.
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People often work in different versions of the same files.”

BlueDolphin functions as one single version of truth, integrating all your data sources.
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It takes too much time to gather and manage application data.”

Guest links and questionnaires let stakeholders add and update application data themselves.
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We have difficulty aligning IT applications with the business.

Use BlueDolphin to map alignment and interdependencies between IT and business objectives.

Stop handling your applications in a silo.

With BlueDolphin, your application portfolio is integrated with your overall enterprise architecture for easier decision-making.

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Don’t just take our word for it.

See how ValueBlue is enabling business transformation for companies just like yours.


“A great help to understand and reduce the complexity of the IT landscape ... useful for anyone who needs an overview of company goals, business processes, applications and their coherence.”

IT Architect

Gov't/PS/ED, <5,000 Employees

“Our IT environment and our business is expanding through mergers and market growth. Since we've started with Enterprise Architecture I've never had a tool which provided me so much insight while still being very easy to use. BlueDolphin kickstarted a different way of thinking in our organisation.”

IT Manager

IT, 50M - 250M USD

"BlueDolphin imports existing application data from other technology sources like ITSM and SAM and can easily collaborate with non-architects. It gives its users dynamic visualization, robust insights as well as a complete and competitive context which often other tools are surely missing. Now the developers and IT teams can reuse and recycle data from existing use cases and models."

System Analyst

IT Services, 50M - 250M USD