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2022 Year in Review: A Spotlight on ValueBlue!

2022 was a banner year for ValueBlue regarding our expanding business in North America! We have welcomed several new logos into our ValueBlue community and rapidly increased our user base. In addition to some Fortune 500 logos, such as Rite Aid & Baker Hughes, we have added key customers in the HealthCare, Construction, Financial Services, Technology, and Transportation verticals. Lookout, we’re just getting started!

What We Did

In part, we attribute our success this year to an organization’s growing need for a digital transformation support platform. This urgency is fueled by organizations accelerating their digitization programs, amplified focus on cloud migration efforts, and the need for a single source of truth to assist these types of initiatives. Those are just some of the reasons organizations trusted the ValueBlue team to help them deliver real business value and increase market share in 2022!

Expanding our brand recognition in North America was a definite goal for 2022, and we will also continue to focus our efforts here in 2023. Having originated in the Netherlands, we are working hard to ensure that our experience and thought leadership in the digital transformation and Enterprise Architecture space are becoming well-known throughout the Americas. Hosting webinars, attending conferences, and sharing insights raised awareness of the business benefits of leveraging the BlueDolphin platform.

Where We Went

In 2022, we participated in OPEX, Building Business Capabilities, CampIT, EA for Financial Services, Gartner IT Symposium Xpo, and switchON, as well as hosting our webinars and regional events.

Attending these events and speaking with visitors and our customers gave us great insight into what activities and initiatives are currently prioritized. Popular use cases in our customer base include Application Portfolio Management, Solution Portfolio Management, Risk & Compliance, and Business Process Management.

In 2023, we will be participating again in OPEX, Gartner IT Symposium Xpo, switchON, and we’re also adding Forrester Technology Innovation Summit as a pit stop. Additionally, we will continue hosting webinars, Business over Breakfast in UK and NL, and introducing Business over Cocktails to our event repetiteur.

Outcomes We Saw

Earlier this year, we raised a $9M B Series Round investment to evolve ValueBlue into the premier EA platform in the marketplace. We are thrilled to be backed and supported by some of Europe’s most active tech investment funds, Newion and Octopus! We have aggressive plans for growth over the next 18 months and are very proud to have these partners on board to help facilitate that.

What Will 2023 Bring?

In 2023, we will be focusing our attention on use cases that aren’t optional exercises for organizations anymore. While businesses will still focus their efforts on relevant business priorities, EAs will have a clear direction in leading those priorities. These efforts are driven by an increasingly competitive marketplace, technology innovations, ESG regulatory compliance needs, risk and security concerns, and operational resiliency, to name a few.

More and more, we see accountability for delivering business value being shared by several personas. Not just Enterprise Architects but Digital Transformation offices, Business Technologists, business architects, analysts, CIOs, and IT teams are all pitching in to further the organization’s goals. This mentality marries well with our collaborative approach to EA.

Navigating these challenges and delivering business impact can only be achieved with a strong foundation of information, a repository that provides an interconnected view of data, an operating model, and a view of which applications support which business capabilities. Only then can you establish a decision-making culture that makes the best decisions possible.

We’re Growing!

With growth comes the need for more team members. Our team is expanding to meet the needs of our prospects and growing customer base. In 2022, we also secured new office space for our headquarters in New York City and London!

Additionally, we will be hiring on all fronts in 2023! We are actively looking for developers, QA, support reps, customer success consultants, account executives, pre-sales, and marketing talent. Our employees enjoy competitive compensation and are key to our long-term success plan of ValueBlue!

Check out the ValueBlue Careers page to see our open positions.

Looking Forward

In 2022, we saw a lot of changes to Enterprise Architecture and the digital transformation landscape. How will those changes affect the upcoming year? If you’re interested in hearing more of our predictions for the new EA in 2023, make sure to attend our webinar on January 31st.

Author: Brenda Cowie

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