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Interview Customer Success Manager – Vincent

Introducing: Vincent Hartwijk, one of our Customer Success Managers. To provide more context for our job opening for a Customer Success Manager, Vincent talks about his day-to-day tasks and experiences.

Are you curious to hear just what our CSM team does for our customers, and how Vincent and his colleagues help make BlueDolphin better and better? Read on for an expert insight into the role!

Vincent, what is your role at ValueBlue?

As a Customer Success Manager, I support our customers across the globe in growing their transformation capabilities and closing the gap between business and IT – all by empowering them to get the most out of our platform BlueDolphin.

This starts with the implementation and extends to offering follow-up coaching to support continued success. Besides working alongside our customers, I feel I also have a very meaningful role for our ValueBlue organization as  I am constantly transferring new learnings and best practices from one project to another, and relay my experiences to our Product team as well. It’s amazing to look at my own work and always ask myself how I can scale up what I have learned to other customers and to our product-led organization.

The Customer Success Manager role at ValueBlue is a very bold position. We operate with both C-level and IT staff, for all sorts of transformation initiatives, focusing on business outcomes. Digital transformation is vital for any organization to stay competitive, so it’s important that I help customers align IT with the business.

What can you tell about your achievements and the impact of your work so far at ValueBlue?

I could name a few things:

  • learning a lot about Enterprise Architecture; I always thought it might be a good fit for me as I really enjoy the actual practice of modeling that kind of stuff. New technologies and customer initiatives help me to keep developing my skills.

  • As our SaaS platform has been developing, we rapidly grew our customer base. To scale as quickly as we needed to, I helped in setting up the standardization of the customer onboarding process. And with ValueBlue’s Lean-Agile mindset, there is always lots of space to bring my ideas and experiences to the table and see the impact of my work.

  • I coach customers to make steps in their transformation processes, and I try to do the same for our own Based on the hands-on experiences of myself and the other Customer Success Managers, we  continuously look at what our customers need, how we can improve, and how we can effectively scale the work we do. This started as my personal perspective towards my work and now it’s a real process used by the entire Customer Success team.

How is your role developing in the near future?

ValueBlue is still growing fast, and we continue to set (and achieve!) bigger goals. We keep attracting bigger companies from all over the world and it’s very interesting for me to dive into these complex organizations. It’s always inspiring to see new transformation initiatives at our customers, and how that can spark our product development and roadmap. Exciting times!

Are you a Customer Success Manager looking for an exciting job opportunity? Click the button to go directly to the CSM opening on our website.

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Author: Sebastiaan Bosman

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