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A Guide to Strategic Planning with Enterprise Architecture

Organizations are continuously investing in transformation projects to adapt and innovate. And yet, the delivered value from these projects often falls short of expectations. Research shows that transformations realize only 31% of their expected revenue increase and 25% of expected cost savings.

Why is value lost? While most large-scale transformations start with a strategic vision, they often fall short without a holistic overview of the organization — which is captured in the architecture. To maximize the value of projects, Enterprise Architecture leaders need to identify the right changes to the business capabilities and architecture and ensure that these changes support the strategic goals.

This eBook explores an architecture-driven and holistic approach to strategic planning of transformations.

Download the eBook to explore:

  • Why transformations happen and the role of Enterprise Architecture
  • How to analyze drivers for change and capture business goals
  • How to construct a business model canvas and define your future-state architecture
  • Capability-based planning
  • Prioritizing projects based on strategic importance.

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