Join us on June 18th in the vibrant heart of New York for an engaging breakfast session designed for Enterprise, Lead, and Solution Architects. Discover how to align business strategy and execution with effective Enterprise Architecture practices, while enjoying a fresh dose of bagels and coffee.

The session will explore the latest business and EA challenges and equip you with practical tips to balance architecture and execution. We'll demonstrate how you can avoid excessive complexity and focus on identifying essential architecture principles and practices that support strategic objectives.

Through roundtable discussions with the ValueBlue team and fellow architects, we aim to equip you with a pragmatic architectural approach that enables speed, flexibility, and agility in a rapidly changing business environment.

Key points of the discussion:

  • Start with the why: Learn how to effectively tackle organizational challenges and silos by addressing their underlying cause.

  • Drive business impact: Discover tips for getting management buy-in and realizing business goals.

  • Make the change: Explore how to identify the required changes in processes, systems, and technology to become an 'architect of change'.

This event has limited capacity. Register via the form to secure your spot!

Our 'Business over Breakfast' series offers a unique opportunity to network with other professionals over an informal breakfast meet-up. Can't join this one? Keep an eye on future events in Utrecht, London, and New York.