Join our EA morning session on June 15th!

Are you ready to elevate your decision-making from gut feeling to truly data-driven? During this breakfast Roundtable, we delve into the importance of data-driven collaboration and how it can help align strategy and execution for maximum impact.

Specifically, we will explore how an Enterprise Architect can transform a transformation strategy into a truly data-driven one.

You are invited to join a cohort of decision-making executives, much like yourself, in a breakfast session that will explore the significance of data-driven collaboration. The discussion will center around the theme of ''Data-driven collaboration is key: Aligning Strategy and Execution for maximum effectiveness''. We will serve you the right ingredients you should consider for your business transformation!

We are going to be turning Enterprise Architecture as we know it on its head - to discover how it can help you to make better technology decisions, faster.

Enterprise Architecture teams often struggle with ensuring that their IT transformation efforts align with business strategy. To address this challenge, Senior Solution Consultant George Pang will share strategies for incorporating accurate and high-quality data into the design and evaluation of innovation projects and transformation initiatives.

We will discuss various topics related to this issue, including:

  • How do we define ‘better’ architecture decision-making?

  • Nailing collaboration between business and IT with a new take on the Business Model canvas.

  • Ways to prioritize transformation portfolios more effectively based on value drivers, vision, and strategy.

  • Gluing strategy and execution together through Collaborative Project Design.

Enjoy a talk, a breakfast and lots of business inspiration at Eight Club Moorgate, EC2, London. Register now to secure your spot!