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Who is VolkerWessels?

VolkerWessels is a leading international construction company that operates according to the 'think global, act local' principle. VolkerWessels is active in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, North America and Germany and has over 130 local operating companies. VolkerWessels plays a key role in society with projects and services that contribute sustainably to the living environment. We build on living, working and mobility.

The Challenge

The construction industry as a whole is noted for having slower-than-average digitization and as such lags in operational efficiency. While VolkerWessels is not alone in its lack of modernization, the company sought to change this by undergoing a digital transformation.

The first step of which was to implement Enterprise Architecture across all lines of business. The four areas driving this digital transformation were— project complexity, information on site, business and IT management, and integrations. With these ideas acting as the north star, VolkerWessels began to simplify its data, processes, and application landscape to increase efficiency.


“A common approach with a clear explanation of what, when, and why change is happening helped us to communicate and manage expectations with all stakeholders.”-IT Service Owner at VolkerWessels

“The adoption approach has helped us communicate and manage expectations within my business unit, as well as align with other stakeholders. We have been working with a clear end in mind.” - Business Change Owner at VolkerWessels

Why BlueDolphin by ValueBlue?

“All disciplines work in one platform, and the entire team has access to the current models and properties. Possibilities like reviewing online saves the whole team a lot of time.” - Design Engineer at VolkerWessels

The Approach

VolkerWessels started their EA approach from the business side, not the IT side — based on strategic program goals. Next, they
mapped their existing process landscapes to gain current state insights. Then, they managed, prioritized, and monitored the progress of the program's projects and initiatives (e.g., an ERP-standardization project) and created scalable project processes with formalized Enterprise Architecture principles.

The BlueDolphin platform is helping realize the NEXT digital transformation program's goals by implementing enterprise architecture, improving governance, and ultimately increasing overall agility and flexibility across the business. This highly collaborative adoption approach ensures the involvement and ownership of business and management as project owners, middle management as business change owners, and key users as spokespeople for business needs and as testers and trainers after implementation — using key collaboration capabilities in BlueDolphin, has been a key driver of the program's success. 


The Results

Streamlining ERP migrationThe NEXT digital transformation project mapped 1000+ business processes to help them identify process overlaps and functionality requirements for a company-wide ERP. Based on the insights, the team built a clear, comprehensive plan, enabling them to begin the ERP migration across the organization.

Process modeling across value streams The team modeled core business processes across the value streams in their organization to identify opportunities for centralization, standardization, and streamlining. 

Managing infrastructure architecture As a complex organization with on-site / job-site locations with varying technical and security requirements, BlueDolphin's central repository helps ensure information is accurate and up-to-date. 

Ensuring true business ad IT collaboration VolkerWessels has hundreds of extremely active BlueDolphin users across multiple business functions allowing for better communication and collaboration across departments. 


Success stories

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