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Playbook Five: 
Designing Detailed Solutions

Elevating Architecture Execution to Superhero Status

The time has come for the final installment in our Become an EA Superhero Series. Embark on a journey with our playbook, where we delve into the pivotal last steps of project delivery. By the time you've completed this transformative journey, you'll have evolved into a supercharged Enterprise Architect, equipped with the unique ability to seamlessly align ideas with higher-level strategies and guide them to resounding execution.  This is your transformation into an architectural superhero, where vision meets precision.



What's in the playbook?

  • Transition from high-level overview to detailed project design – without losing or re-entering data.

  • Detailing the application, process, data and technology architectures for your project.

  • Managing deviations from policies and principles.

  • And making solution design a standardized and repeatable process for future efficiencies.

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