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How to Govern Microservices with Enterprise Architecture

Microservices have made a strong rise in businesses’ digital infrastructure landscapes. There has been a noticeable shift in business...

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Cost and risk reduction — not the only Application Portfolio...

‘It’s time for an App Rationalization exercise! We need to reduce spend…’

Sound familiar? It’s unsurprising – budget is an extremely...

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5 reasons you need Application Portfolio Management Software

Companies have become highly digitalized in recent years, and our daily processes and work are increasingly carried out and captured...

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How mature is your Application Portfolio Management (APM)?

It should come as no surprise to Enterprise Architects everywhere that aligning IT with the wider business functions is key. Perhaps one...

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The 3 key enablers for Application Portfolio Management that...

The digital enterprise is no longer a goal to aim for or a far-off, future based concept. The digital enterprise is here, it’s now, and if...

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